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Ann Coulter and the mob

A mob of child-censors has successfully shut down a speech by Ann Coulter at the University of Ottawa.

Terrence Watson - March 23, 2010

“But is that statement hateful?” I pressed. “Is it hateful to say that it is wrong to be a Muslim?”

“She's a hate-monger,” he repeated. “This is our space, and we don't want her here.” This would be a frequent rejoinder. Erasing from consideration the much larger crowd lining up to hear the speech, it would be declared, repeatedly, that the university belonged to them, and the rest of us were not welcome.

As I began to cite Canadian human rights law, under which this particular statement of Coulter's would definitely not count as hate speech, he moved on. Partly, I imagine, it was to get away from me, but also because the crowd was bustling and moving him around. I turned to the person following in his wake. “Why shouldn't Coulter get to speak? What hateful things are you afraid she will say?”

“She said 'Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims.'”

She did indeed say that on one occasion, as I remembered. “That is a false statistical generalization,” I admitted. “But, again, is that statement illegal? Does it meet the legal standard?” It is my opinion, now, and then, that it would not. Certainly not under the criminal code.

“She said all Muslims are terrorists!” he shouted, and I immediately corrected him.

“No, now you have reversed her statement.” I felt like I was back in Ohio, lecturing on the logical fallacy of affirming the consequent. “She did not say that all Muslims are terrorists. In fact, her statement says the opposite.”

“She told a Muslim student at the University of Western Ontario to ride a camel!”

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