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Legalize it

Arguing from self-ownership, Scott Carnegie thinks we should legalize marijuana.

Scott Carnegie - July 9, 2009

The argument that marijuana is harmful doesn’t stand up either. Yes, it can cause some harm to the body, but if we were to outlaw things that were harmful then perhaps we should be outlawing salt, butter, etc. By this reasoning, anything harmful to an individual should be prohibited. Well, then here are a few other things that should be banned then.

* 4000 people die per year in Canada in car accidents. – ban cars
* 6,700 deaths from alcohol – ban alcohol
* 33,5000 from tobacco - ban cigarettes
* 732 deaths due to use of illicit drugs – wow, a lot less than cars
* How many deaths from marijuana? 0

(Source: Drugs and Drug Policy in Canada)

If we truly own ourselves, then we are the ones that should be free to choose what we can and can’t put into our bodies. If we choose to harm ourselves with drugs, or salt, or getting fat, then that is also our choice.

I welcome any comments or corrections.

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Scott Carnegie is a Shotgun blogger from Manitoba.