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How will President-elect Obama pay for his socialist agenda?

November 18, 2008

Dear Editor,

I, like many Canadians, watched the 2008 presidential election results with high interest for various personal reasons, one of which is that the United States is our largest trading partner. The results of that election, some argue, will impact our lives greater than our own federal election. The United States is facing very difficult times financially, as are many other countries in the free world. Citizens of all countries are expecting an end to the deadly financial downward spiral the economy of the United States and many other countries are experiencing.

President-elect Obama has proposed some very socialist concepts for his administration when he takes office in January 2009. He has not, however, shown any realistic plan of how these social benefits and reforms by government will be financed. These changes, if implemented in these times of already strained financial burdens, could cause investors to seek other investment opportunities in resource rich Western Canada. These proposed socialist policies could, however, reduce the buying power of Americans which would have a very negative impact on the Canadian economy and other countries in the world.

Ken Kellington
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

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