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Creating 150,000 paper criminals

The gun registry: Turning 150,000 regular law-abiding citizens into paper criminals.

Pierre Lemieux - March 10, 2008

But hadn’t the Conservatives subliminally promised to do away with this Police State apparatus? Only M.P. Garry Breitkreuz, ceaseless defender of our liberties, wasn’t very subliminal, and he hasn’t been rewarded for that. This year’s $86.5 million budget for firearms licencing and registration is five per cent higher than the Liberals’ last annual budget. Note that the Conservatives’ Bill C-24 would maintain the whole licencing scheme established by the Liberals, and would only remove long guns from the "registry." The amnesty doesn't apply to handguns, whether classified as "prohibited" or not, whether registered or not.

The essence of what Allan Rock and Jean Chrétien established is now defended by Stockwell Day and Stephen Harper. These people just obey the logic of the state, acting alike in similar circumstances.

What should we say to the 150,000 Canadians who would be subject to police raids were it not for the amnesty? Hang in there, guys! Although you may simply have assumed that you were still living in a free country, ignoring that you were paper criminals, your passive resistance helps protect our liberties.

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Pierre Lemieux, a former columnist with the Western Standard, is a professor, an economist, and author of numerous books and articles, and editor of Liberty in Canada, an online pro-liberty news source sponsored by the Canadian Constitution Foundation.

Pierre's weekly columns are also published at Liberty in Canada.

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