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Question Period: Digging out of the health care hole

Public health care iconoclast Dr. David Gratzer argues that public health care is inherently wasteful

Mark Milke - December 4, 2006

(Laughs.) I think many people in public policy circles in the United States, myself included, would have held that opinion six years ago--that the wrong Bush got into the White House. Today, I think people inside and outside public policy circles would hold to that opinion. I think Jeb Bush is an extraordinary politician in that he's very smart. I think he's truly interested in ideas. He's done very innovative things, not just in Medicaid, which I talk about in the book, but also in education. Jeb is a great individual. Who knows? Maybe one day he'll be a great president.

The Cure: How Capitalism Can Save American Health Care
By Dr. David Gratzer
Foreword by Milton Friedman
Encounter Books, 240 pages

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